Many scholarships are available to students with bleeding and clotting disorders. Information on these scholarships can be found on the National Hemophilia Foundation and the Bleeding Disorders Alliance Illinois websites.

The Community Foundation of Illinois offers an annual scholarship sponsored by the Bleeding & Clotting Disorders Institute to any individual, who is diagnosed with a congenital or acquired chronic bleeding disorder or congenital clotting disorder that resides in the BCDI service area of "Downstate Illinois." The scholarship is to assist individuals in gaining and furthering their higher or technical education.

The applicant must have maintained a GPA of 2.5 or above and be enrolled, or plan to enroll, as a full time student at an accredited vocational/trade school, junior college or four-year university. The applicant must also have attended a Hemophilia Treatment Center's (HTC) comprehensive clinic on an annual basis. 

Each applicant will submit an essay and must demonstrate a desire to succeed. The scholarship may be used to cover the cost of tuition, books and required fees pertinent to the course of study.

The Community Foundation of Central Illinois manages the BCDI scholarship, oversees the applications and will announce the awardees at the annual scholarship awards ceremony. Those interested can visit Community Foundation of Central Illinois to apply.

For more information about the BCDI scholarship or other scholarships available, please contact Marsha at (309) 692-5337 or email

Scholarships Available:






1. Audi Gerstein Platelet Disorder Scholarship PDSA ITP or similar inherited or non-inherited platelet disorder Several awards 4/15/2018
2. Beth Carew Memorial Scholarship Colburn-Keenan Foundation, Inc. Hemophilia A or B, vWD, other inherited bleeding disorder $3,000 - $6,000 awards 2/19/18
3. Biogen Hemophilia Scholarship Program  Biogen Idec Hemophilia A or B TBA TBA
4. BioRX/Hemophilia of North Carolina Educational Scholarships  BioRx Hemophilia A or B, patient or their parent or sibling living in same household 4 $500-$2,000 awards 5/1/2017
5. Bleeding Disorders Community Scholarship Bleeding & Clotting Disorders Institute (BCDI) Congenital or acquired chronic bleeding disorder or congenital clotting disorder Several $1,500 awards 4/1/2019
6. Bradley Krueger Memorial Scholarship  Bleeding Disorders Alliance Illinois (BDAI)  Person diagnosed with a bleeding disorder and their parents, siblings, children or carriers   TBA TBA
7. 'Education Advantage' Scholarships Shire  Hemophilia A or B, including inhibitors Several for University, Community and Technical College, GED  Varies 
8. Diplomat Specialty Infusion Group/Hemophilia of North Carolina Education Scholarships  Diplomat Specialty Infusion Group Bleeding disorder patient, caregiver of a child affected by bleeding disorder, sibling or parent in the same household affected by bleeding disorder  Several $500 - $3,000 awards  May 1, 2018 
9. Aptevo B More Scholarship  Aptevo Theraputics Hemophilia B  1-20 $2,000 awards 5/3/2018 
10. Eric Delson Memorial Scholarship Program  CVS/Caremark  Hemophilia A or B, vWD  3 $2,500 awards; 1 $1,500 award  7/1/2018 
11. Eric Dostie Memorial College Scholarship and Alex Lieber Memorial Scholarship  NuFACTOR  Hemophilia A or B or a related bleeding disorder or their family members  $1,000 awards  TBA 
12. Mark Coats Memorial Scholarship - (link to be available soon) HFA  Men or Women diagnosed with Hemophilia A or B.
TBA  8/1/2018 
13. Josh Gordy Educational Scholarship Josh Gordy, NFL free-agent  Residents of the US who have been diagnosed with hemophilia by a hematologist.

Preference for applicants majoring in physical education, physical therapy, sports medicine or an allied sports medicine program. 
14. Matrix Health Scholarships Matrix Health Group Varies  TBA TBA 
15. Joshua Gomes Memorial Scholarship  Joshua Gomes Memorial Scholarship Fund  Diagnosis of HIV or AIDS  $1,000 award  7/15/2018 
16. Kevin Child Scholarship  National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF) Hemophilia A or B  TBA  TBA 
17. Lawrence Madeiros Scholarship  The Lawrence Madeiros Scholarship Program Inherited bleeding disorder or other chronic disorder  $1,000 award 5/1/2018
18. The Nate Slack Scholarship  HF Healthcare  Hemophilia A or B, related bleeding disorder or an immediate family member  2 $1,000 awards  5/16/2018
19. Novo Secure Scholarship Program  Novo Nordisk  Hemophilia A or B or caregivers. Must register to see scholarship details! TBA TBA 
20. Soozie Courter 'Sharing a Brighter Tomorrow' Hemophilia Program  Pfizer  Hemophilia A or B  5 graduate $4,000 each and 10 college at $2,500 each 5/3/2019
21. Millie Gonzalez Memorial Scholarship  BioMatrix  Women diagnoses with hemophilia or von Willebrand Disease $1,500 award  8/1/2018 
22. Mike Hylton Memorial Scholarship (link to be available soon)  BioMatrix  Men diagnosed with hemophilia or VWD or their immediate family member  TBA 8/1/2018