Billing & Insurance FAQs

BCDI's billing specialist can help you with your insurance or billing questions. If your insurance policy is changing and you have questions about how it will affect your coverage, please call (309) 692-5337 or send us an email.

Navigating through the Health Insurance Marketplace 

In every kind of purchase, the consumer must ask themselves: Can I afford it? Are there any discounts, coupon or sales available? What are my needs? How will I use it? How much will I use it? How much does it cost for me to use it? This is the same process one must use to purchase a car, major appliances and of course now, health insurance.

All of these purchases require the consumer to be a SMART consumer. In the Health Insurance Marketplace, it pays for the consumer to be aware of many issues when selecting an insurance plan.

Common items to consider:

  • Are my doctor, clinic and hospital in the network?
  • What are my needs? (i.e., Primary care, Pediatrics, specialty care, drugs, location of the doctor, out of pocket expenses.)
  • Will my factor be covered? 
  • Will visits to my HTC be covered?
  • Am I eligible for any cost-sharing? Any discounts in premiums? Assistance in Premiums?
  • What are my out-of-pocket costs before the plan pays all?

Consumers seeking assistance in learning more about a particular insurance plan, both in the Marketplace and outside of the Marketplace should: 

  • Review the Benefit Summary of the insurance plan (Google the name of the plan to get to their website, and contact the insurance provider)
  • Contact a Navigator or Marketplace assistance regarding the plan
  • Contact the insurance provider (Google the name of the plan for contact information)
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, be sure to write down the date, the name of the insurance representative and telephone number of whom you spoke to regarding the insurance coverage
  • Be aware of deadlines for submitting documents, mailings, payments and adhere to them

For further information and assistance visit or call (800)318-2596 (available 24 hours, 7 days a week). 

For the State of Illinois visit or call (866)311-1119 (8 am- 8 pm, central time).